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CNFMA Judged A Woodworking Machinery Company Infringed Yuetong

    On Apr.25th, 2014, CNFMA issued the award, determining a woodworking machinery enterprise’s (in Foshan, Guangdong) infringement behavior to our company is established. According to provisions of article 11 of Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China andarticle 5 of Exhibition Intellectual Property Protection Measures, requires that enterprise to stop producing MDK4120D Multiple Machining Center-Door Solution, stop sending catalogs which contains this machine and delete relevant information of this machine on their website and their agent’s websites.
    On Dec.10th, 2013, at Booth No. J08 of the 10th China Shunde (lunjiao) international woodwoking machinery fair, our company found a multiple machining center-door solution machine exhibited by a woodworking machinery enterprise from Foshan was with consistent structure and technical features with our patent product MDK4120D Multiple Machining Center-Door Solution, obviously with technical features of our patent (ZL 200520074284.5、ZL 200720035091.8、ZL 200820161745.6), suspected of infringement. The next day, our company made written report to intellectual property rights complaint institutions of the 10th China Shunde (Lunjiao) international woodworking machinery fair, meanwhile, we reflected the situation to Lunjiao woodworking machinery chamber of commerce and got high attention. After reviewed relavant material provided by our company, exhibition intellectual proprety complaint institution promptly demanded that enterprise to suspend the product display. On same day, that enterprise withdrew above-mentioned product from the pavilion. Later on, our company also found that enterprise promoted the equipment on several websites.  
    After the incident, our company filed a complaint to CNFMA according to relevant provisions of China Forestry Machinery Industry Internal Dispute Processing Rules, CNFMA set up a dispute processing group to carry out investigation in a timely manner, leadership of local government where that enterprise belongs to also pay attention and give instruction to this matter, CNFMA issued Shanghai Yuetong and Lunjiao ** Intellectual Property Dispute Processing Award and specially issued Notification from CNFMA about processing situation of Shanghai Yuetong and Lunjiao ** Intellectual Property Dispute to CNFMA member units, requires members and forest machinery enterprises to take lesson, strictly abide by state laws and regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights, strengthen the consciousness of intellectual property rights, respect their peers intellectual labor, make efforts to create a good atmosphere of technological innovation, enhance the independent innovation ability construction, jointly promote our country’s forest machinery technology levels improvement and stable & healthy development of the industry.
    Now, that enterprise has admitted the infringement facts and made commitment of terminating infringement.

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