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Project of wooden door flexible production line passed scientific and technological achievements appraisal
        On Sept.8th, 2013, project of wooden door flexible production line cooperated by YUTON, Nanjing Forestry University and Jinken College of Technology passed successfully scientific and technological achievements appraisal origanzied by municipal science and technology bereau. Research appraisal team composed by seven professionalists from China Forestry Academy and several domestic universities listened to working & technical report, investigated relavant technique materials, inspected site of wooden door flexible production line producing 300 doors per shift, consistently thought wooden door flexible production line is at domestic leading and international advanced level, and suggested to speed up promotion to reach more social and economic benefits.
        This project aims at satisfying customized large-scale production needs for wooden door industry, developed wooden door flexible production line with intellectual property in advance at domestic, which got 11 national patents. This project innovatively designed CNC door four side saw with mobile worktable, dynatic compaction, quick measure, equal cutting function, automatic edge banding machine, CNC machining center and CNC door lock & hinge boring machine. Based on barcode and internet database technology, it realized wooden door machining information automatic collection and digital management under production. This production line begins from door loading, conveying, positioning, cutting with preset size, edge banding, hardware hole & slots drilling, surface shaping, unloading with automatic control, significantly reduced the labor intensity and production cost, improved production efficiency and quality.
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